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Stephen Prestek

Stephen Prestek

Lynnwood, WA


Thank you for your interest in my prints at Fine Art America.

I attended, fresh out of high school, and then graduated from the Burnley School of Professional Art in 1970. I've spent 30+ years as a graphic arts/art direction professional working on packaging, collateral materials, illustration, video, copy writing and now the web. Working in the graphic arts (print, digital, web) has always had a fine art component and those sensibilities are reflected in my everyday commercial work and creation. A client's commercial needs, however, must come first so from time to time graphic artists exercise their "fine art" gene in different ways, photography, sketching, painting, sculpture, creating works that generally never see the light of day.

Over the years friends and acquaintances have always expressed a liking to what I had done both professionally and as recreation but it never occurred to me to sell my artistic works.

Until I was asked if I would and did. Well, now these works, from this graphic artist at least, are now available for purchase at FAA and galleries around my home town. Look closely at some of my images, they are far from photographs. When processing I will alter them to recreate what I saw and felt when I captured the subject, which I feel makes those images even more compelling.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions or special requests please feel free to drop me an e-mail.



Green Lily Bud by Stephen Prestek


Two Lilies by Stephen Prestek


Eby Island Structure by Stephen Prestek


Silvana Ecclesiastical by Stephen Prestek


Hard Work by Stephen Prestek


Hosta by Stephen Prestek


Turn Eight Boss by Stephen Prestek


Chittenden Garden by Stephen Prestek


Carbonado Structure by Stephen Prestek


Industrial 6 by Stephen Prestek


Sunset Sail by Stephen Prestek


High Tide Sentinels by Stephen Prestek


Electro by Stephen Prestek


Cedar River Structure by Stephen Prestek


Summer Rain by Stephen Prestek


Orange Lily by Stephen Prestek


Creme Rhody by Stephen Prestek


GT40 One by Stephen Prestek